About PAWS

PAWS is a charitable school club

What is PAWS Clubs?

The mission of People Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) Clubs is to assist high school students with the establishment and management of their own local animal welfare club in school.  PAWS Clubs offers instructions on how to set-up, lead, and achieve national recognition for animal welfare efforts.

The online club platform provides information for high school students to begin early volunteer work and create a communications group to share and implement support for animal welfare projects.

Should your club have questions, please do not hesitate to contact the national PAWS Clubs support leader Summer Powers at summer@pawsclubs.com.


  • Club page on website
  • Access to a database of high school animal advocates
  • Use of PAWS Clubs website
  • Club Officer Hub account to log member attendance and information, meeting minutes, club funds, and events
  • Invitation to attend monthly conference calls
  • Invitation to participate in the four national events
  • Award ceremony qualification


FullSizeRenderSummer Powers, a senior in high school, decided to create a database in which students like herself could access information and get inspired through peer support to make a difference in the animal welfare community. After moving high schools three times, she felt a much-needed link among animal welfare clubs in schools. As a freshman, she was elected President of Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology’s PAWS. At her successive school, Langley, she established the school’s first animal welfare club, which was a success! Some of the countless achievements that year include donating over 100 blankets to shelter cats and 50 tug-of-war ropes to dog shelters, raising $500 for Save Japan Dolphins.org, and meeting with Sea World representatives to get a direct perspective on dolphin/whale captivity for entertainment. She hopes that she can share her experiences and make the step of getting involved simple and empowering.